USC's Marshall unveils international degree

The World Bachelor in Business program was created through a partnership between USC, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Students will spend one full academic year at each of the three universities and may choose one of the schools to spend their fourth year. The program will be available to students who are applying for fall admission but not current students.

THIS IS SO COOL! Fight on! This is like extreme studying abroad

nikhildua: Chili Cheese Fries.


In high school, Wednesdays were not Wednesdays—they were Chili Cheese Fries Day. Nothing could ruin a CCF Day. Nothing.

Failed a test?

Fight with friends?

Broke up with boyfriend? (yeah, those existed back in the day)

Anyways, in order to honor this sacred day, I collected…

Nikhil youre awesome

Dear compadres,

After taking a long study break preparing for our econ final, I came across a Youtube video that caught my eye. A face guy scientist dropped his Macbook Pro off of a 20 story building to prove it wouldnt break…it didn’t. While I believed the video, a few of my fiends did not. This led to the dumbest bet of my life. After dropping my macbook off the fourth floor of leavey…I soon realized you can’t believe everything you see on youtube.

Tragically, all of my notes and study guides for the econ test were on this computer, so I would appreciate it if one of you guys could so generously forward me any study guides that would help me prepare for this final exam. To top it all off, it’s officially my birthday.
I love you all,

Life decision made

Well, officially dropped out of studying abroad.

Feels like ripping off a bandaid haha.

Going to spend next semester focusing on my startup ideas, finding an internship doing marketing/advertising for a tech company in LA (perhaps Google?), and be able to graduate a semester early WITH BOTH of my minors (Communication & The Entertainment Industry; Consumer Behavior).

So yeah, I want to travel and see the world.  Almost everyone I’ve asked for advice in regards to my dilemma talks about studying abroad like a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  I’m sure it is.  This is what I realized, though.  My priorities are to see as much of the world as possible.

The whole being a poor student thing isn’t all that appealing here, and being a STUDENT in another country really isn’t my priority either.  In the future, I don’t want to explore countries as a tourist either though.  I want to visit a country and really get to know the people, the culture.  That’s what fascinates me.  I want to come home from these trips with wisdom and stories from people’s experiences all around the world.

This upcoming semester will be transformative for me, and I truly believe I’m making the right decision by staying.  Giving myself this semester to focus on hitting the ground running once I graduate.

Plus, an excuse to make this upcoming semester even more epic:

  • several friends graduating this may
  • coachella
  • beyond wonderland
  • spring break epic roadtrip?
  • beginning to love LA for what it is

Needless to say, I’m excited :).

I’ve hit the “fuck it” part of the semester

Why would you say that?


For dem high schoolers.

You know, it actually feels nice having my shit together academically for the first time in a couple years.